Active asset management

Wind mills in beautiful landscape
Wind turbines in sunsett
Wind mills in beautiful landscape
Snowy landscape at sunset on Kilberget
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Operational services

To us, Operational Services involves anything related to the efficient operation of a wind farm.

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Commercial services

We take care of your financial and administrative tasks as well as keep track of your contractual obligations.

About us

Active asset management isn’t about dealing with surprises. It’s about anticipating the future and taking action in advance.

W3 Energy is the independent Asset Manager specialized in cold climate windfarms in the Nordic region. Combining cutting-edge expertise within both operational and commercial management, W3 Energy offers the comprehensive solution with local presence.

Wind mills in beautiful landscape


We offer the comprehensive solution with local presence

W3 has signed contracts for ~4300 MW of Active Asset Management services.

Wind mill in snowy climate


Start a Career at W3 Energy

We are known as the reliable game changer in Active Asset Management, that both technically and financially empowers the green conversion.

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